Guy Eats His Exam Paper As He Was Hungry During His Exam

This year, Ramadan is in probably in the most unexcepted time. Why? Because it’s May! Summer has just started, and instead of being able to go to the beach side, we are here fasting. Well, that’s not too bad since most of the summer is left and we can all go wherever we want during the Eid break. However, what’s killing most students are the exams. Well, university or other exams are still okay, but we are talking about the O and A level candidates here! It’s pathetic sitting for such important examinations during the month of Ramadan because it needs a lot of energy and effort to write in those exams. After all, who wants to repeat!

So, what happened at one of the exam halls in Dhaka is that a guy named Rafid ate his chemistry A-Level exam paper since he was too hungry during his exam and he couldn’t take it. We totally understand Rafid’s pain, but is that the solution? I mean like, would he eat paper even if he were at home? Now that’s suspicious. The invigilators got shocked at his behaviour. “I saw him tearing his exam paper into small pieces. Minutes later, he was making them into small paper balls. I told the head invigilator about this and we thought that it was a part of the question. We were shocked until he started stuffing those paper balls in his mouth.” said one invigilator from the exam hall.

Afterwards, he started choking for which he was taken to the emergency room and given water to drink. Rafid almost fell unconscious due to what he had just done. He was also not allowed to continue with his exams, which led to his exam papers being withheld. This had created a distraction among other examinees as well, however, the exam ended on a smooth note, except for the fact that Rafid was withheld and later handed over to his parents after the exam. So, guys, if you are the type of person who gets hungry easily, we’d suggest you not to fast and go sit for your exams. Instead, concentrate on your exams first.

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