Boyfriend Shook As Girlfriend Planned To Name Their Son After Her Ex


It is always pretty much tough to choose a name for newly born babies. Parents always look for something unique and attractive as well.


However, both the father and mother need to come to an end as there can be only one name for a baby. So, you have to select something as your partner also can become decent happy with your choice.

A mom has chosen a name for his upcoming boy with a middle name which is very special to her but carrying one problem in it.

She has selected to use her ex-boyfriend name who passed away. Likely to say that, her current boyfriend is not happy about it.

In a post on Reddit, the expected dad has asked a question about it to the good people of the internet. He wrote: “My girlfriend and I are expecting our first born son.


“The other night when discussing names, she said she would like his middle name to be that of her ex, who died. Saying further that it would mean a lot to his family who she is still close with.”

He added that he is not feeling well about this whereas his partner has no problem with it. He said that he doesn’t want to tell people, especially his son, that he is partly named after another man who his mum loved before his dad. He further added that his partner asked him, ‘Why can’t you say he is named after my friend who died? We weren’t even together when he died’.”

The main and the most complicated thing is, the ex-boyfriend died of a drug overdose, and the dad doesn’t want to have to tell his child that fact either.


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