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ABORTION: Right Or Wrong? | The Generation | S01E01


In plain and simple words, abortion can also be explained as murder. Sadly this murder doesn’t drag people to court or get them hanged. This murder is done silently by every 40 women out of 1000 worldwide everyday. It doesn’t bother many of us because the person we kill by this process was never visible to us. The person was never there, infact that person never existed.


The abortion only seems like a safe zone to the ones who attempts it. But studies show, one out of every 50 women can face possible difficulties after abortion. Difficulties to be more precise, heavy or persistent bleeding, damage to the cervix (lower end of the uterus), damage to the other organs of the body and can even cause death.


It’s saddening how this process of murder is rapidly growing in nation and worldwide. Even the poorest nations have access to this process. According to the statistics made by WHO show, around 50 million children are aborted every year. Which is around 125,000 children every minute. Is it so easy for us humans to kill the most innocent souls without even giving them a chance to breathe, walk or live?


The risk of killing yourself by killing someone other isn’t a good option right?
What you would going to answer to be so careless to know that every child which is aborted was,

Two legs who couldn’t walk,
Two eyes who couldn’t see,
Two hands who couldn’t touch,
One nose who couldn’t smell,
One mouth who couldn’t eat and
One soul who couldn’t live.


Written by Adnan Aftab

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