Sony Revelead The Release Date Of PlayStation 5 And its Features




Some analysts are predicting the PlayStation 5 release date could be around 2020 or 2021, for example, while others say 2019 – so just the three-year window, then. But there is no end to curiosity of games and dear people.While the Sony PlayStation E3 2018 showcase focused squarely on the games, it seems that the company is quietly prepping for next-generation. So, by the end of their waiting day, Sony opened the date of their new consoles and opened its features.So what’s up at this PS5? Let’s see what’s going on in the console.

1. Graphics First look at the graphics. Because the console does not look good if the graphics are not right. But the good news is that you can gamble in the 4th console on this console. Textures, light effects, anti aliasing, could do it all. Personally, but regardless, it will leave Scorpio to pale in comparison.


Also the processor Sony believes in the previous amd. But it is said that this time processing will be better kept in mind. There was no other change.

3. Controller Design


This time a lot of changes have been made in the controller. Because you can play through the controller in the VR box. So these two controllers can be divided separately. Soon we have talked about controller yes you need and people are talking about the picture which is dual shock 5.its awesome look and design making PS fan crazy.

4. Virtual Reality

With the help of VR convenience. But it is not confirmed yet Sony. Because the 4k gaming can be made, only after this will confirm Sony. Besides, a different console for Vr will be revealed, said Sony.

And the most interesting thing is that you can enjoy the fun of all previous games in this console. In other words, gamers will be able to play all games of PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 in this console. The old days will be back again, new lovers.


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