Is China Really Victim Of Trade War Or It Has Double Standard?

This week’s hot topic, ”Google breakup with Huawei” let’s break it down in a metaphor. Suppose google is the female here and Huawei is the toxic boyfriend. At first everyone is obviously gonna blame the one who break ups like ‘My god why?’ ‘How can you be so cruel?’ and goes on but when you look a bit from inside or collect the valid facts! you know who started the hell fire at the first stage. Let’s break down Trade war & google’s breakup with Huawei.

China, the first ever rising world power from Asia, before China none of the Asian country have ever played a major role in the world politics or trades or anywhere at the top chart. Asian countries back then were considered as the slave providers first and the SLAVE word with years became WORKER hence Asia became the largest labor force provider in the world. As a dominated continent for over centuries Asia is finally in the move now. It took time for us to realise how much manpower we have I mean look at the numbers! after British left the India in 1947 and China in 1952 they both started gaining motions towards future. Asia today now has the 60% population of the world in its lands while India and China together holds 36% of the Asia’s population. Although don’t confuse India with China, they might look like the same two nerds of the first bench but they aren’t. While their populations and land is huge and in competition with each other but their targets, goals, visions are completely different. While India has Democracy, China has a one party ruling, while India’s majority of GDP depends on agricultural, China’s economy is mainly depending on manufacturing & exporting. And all while India struggles with corruption & tension from Pakistan China plans to conquer a new height of mankind and also destroy some old buildings and make some new skyscraper even if its not necessary, I mean why not?

Why China is not a victim but the criminal?

I’m sure everyone knows already about how advanced China has become but have anyone ever looked at the numbers? Well China exports almost 2x times to USA than any other country. Yes, China exports its goods estimated worth of $476B to USA every year while the second largest exporting destination of china is Hong Kong $255B, Japan $157B, Germany $109B and South Korea $98.1B. And it’s totally fine I mean if you nailed it? you worth it obviously but in order to export to USA china had to get permission from its gov’t and other business authorities which they got back in 1970’s after a decade of ban imposed by USA. but if you think setting up a business in China is as easy as for Chinese in USA or anywhere in the world then you’re mistaken my genius. In language YES you can setup a foreign business in China but the process is more likely when you ask permission to your mom if can you go and play at the terrace infront of guests and she gives you a cold warm smiley look but doesn’t say no. None can open a company directly in China. There are three basic types 1. Registered Office (RO), 2. Wholly-Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE), 3. or Joint Venture (JV) with a registered Chinese company. JV, Joint venture is the most popular of them. In simple words JV means you have to let at least 1 Chinese citizen monitor and interfere with you business 24/7. I mean is it even fair that you get the complete support of independent business globally but refuse to give it when it comes to your consumer market? rubbish. One of the reason why China has put such restrictions against foreign business is cause they don’t want to lose nor share the biggest consumer market existing in the today’s world.

And did you ever hear about China’s DEBT TRAP? BRI the Belt Road Initiative started by the Chinese president Xi Jinping in 2013. Its main main goal is to build network of roads through terrain and sea which will connect the China with the whole world and China want to control every inch of it. As a clear example of what and how China is playing with the poor countries lets get back to Sri Lanka. China loaned Sri Lanka about 1.5 Billions dollars for a new deep water port it was a key stop at the Maritime Silk road (Maritime Silk road is name of the sea way road that China wants to build to connect with Europe) by 2017 it was clear Sri Lanka couldn’t payback the loan so instead they gave China control of the port as a part of a 99 year lease. China also controls the Strategic port in Pakistan for 40 years lease and its pushing for a similar deal with Myanmar. Many economist thinks that Rohingya massacre was a part of the new beginning of that deal. Chinese aren’t the big fan of muslims either infact there are many stories of how Chinese muslims face difficulties living in China.Giving someone so much loan with very few conditions even after knowing they can’t ever repay and instead making them your slave/pawns? this is what China’s strategy is.

How Huawei & Google fits in all these?

Huawei is a original Chinese brand which has gained a lot of fame around the globe. But of course not more than Apple or Google which both of the companies are USA owned. China is also here to blame for this Trade War after all what do you expect from a country which has gave you enormous opportunities in the past to trade billions of dollars and you took advantage of that and trapped that country in your loan debt? USA should’ve imposed total ban on China’s trade long ago.

As an Asian sure I’m happy that finally an Asian country is playing a vital role in the top chart but as a Muslim, as a Democratic citizen, as a free world supporter if I support China? It’ll be treachery with my own Iman. China is a sleeping lion playing the Victim card now people, mark my words when they’ll start dominating? there will be a wild fire around the entire globe.


Written by Dewan Akib Y


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