iPhone Charger Is The Most Demanded Product Across The World

When you think of buying an iPhone you have to be ready to purchase iPhone charger almost every month now. The iPhone chargers are the most fragile and sophisticated product manufactured by Apple Inc and the reason is pretty obvious if you are regular with an Apple product. Reasoning and revolving around how they manufacture such fragile iPhone charger is weird but it gives Apple Inc a massive turnover every month.

According to our research iPhone charger received more than 34,000+ monthly searches on google. It’s pretty obvious when you are launching flagship phones every year, you need something to help you to achieve sells every month so Apple applied pretty simple strategy. Make your accessories as FRAGILE as possible.

The iPhone Charger:

As funny as it sounds a lightning cable is worth 20 USD and a power brick is worth 30 USD therefore you make a purchase of 50 USD when you mess up with the accessories that comes with the packaging of your phone.

For many years, Apple Inc is super profitable since the 3rd Generation iPhone. But there is one thing you must admit about the iPhone charger which is the aesthetic of the product makes it look super premium.

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The newly introduced Fast iPhone charger made a bang in the market which turned out to be a massive hit accessory from Apple, as most Apple consumers always looked forward to a charger which would rapidly charge their iPhone(s) or iPad(s) and even MacBook(s). The consumers were quite disappointed with the price tag but if you can afford an iPhone or any Apple product then you are rich enough to buy any accessories from Apple.

Apple And Its Rival Companies:

The Apple iPhones and MacBooks are super premium product to be honest, and people are happy with what they purchase from Apple Inc even when most the products are super expensive. Samsung made a bang with their Galaxy phones for past 1 decade but most the products aren’t as premium as Apple iPhones but yet they are winning hearts of millions of consumers across the globe by introducing budget friendly Samsung Galaxy phones like the A series and J series but the S series is super premium.

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Samsung recently launched the Samsung Galaxy Fold (first of its kind) but the phone turned out to be disaster and many tech reviewers are switching back to their previous purchase iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The Huawei P series recently launched their flagship product P30 Pro with the most advance camera technology yet the die hard iPhone fans are loyal to Apple. Apple is simple and elegant when it comes to the tech they launch almost every year.

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The conclusion is:

If you don’t have an iPhone, you really don’t have an iPhone.

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