If You Watch Football Then Please Help A Chelsea Fan


If you watch football then you would obviously know what Chelsea football club is. Chelsea is a big team in Europe known especially for their “park the bus” tactics. However things are not going pretty well for them at this moment and the fans just cannot take it anymore.


Chelsea had a decent start in the league this season but they just screwed things up later in this season as they lost to the mighty Arsenal, Man City, Bournemouth and Man UTD. They reportedly lost to their youth team also. Things are not yet over as they received a transfer ban for a season with their best player wanting to leave.

After all this news and report, one of my friend(Chelsea fan) almost committed suicide but thankfully I was there. He said that he couldn’t take it anymore so I said him to stop being a Chelsea fan. All thanks to God that it has worked. Now he is a Man City fan.


Guys things are getting very serious. If you see a Chelsea fan depressed about their recent performance, just  tell them to change their supporting club. Saving a life means alot.


Written by Martin Atkinson

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