Brendon McCullum Gets Roasted For His Mind Blowing Prediction

Brendon Mccullum, a former New Zealand player, recently had the urge to predict all the wins and losses of all the teams in the ODI  Cricket World Cup. His retirement hit him so hard that he couldn’t help his old ass, but become a wise fortune-teller.

However, the wise old man was proved wrong by our Bangladesh team today! And, guess what? The fans left no chance to mock him for underestimating Bangladesh Tigers!

At the end of the day, the best comeback goes to… *drum roll*

Not only did Sir Brendon make the mistake of underestimating Bangladesh, he also happens to make blunders too in his prediction as pointed out by a Facebook user

At last, all that is left to be said is that it’s better not to mess with the tigers. Yes, they might have been inconsistent a few times in their career but when time comes, they have the loudest roar when someone tries to question their skill.

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