Wife Demands Another Son So Elder Sibling’s Clothes Can Be Used Again


If you have any elder brother or sister, there is no doubt that you wore the clothes of your elder sibling at your early age. It’s like a tradition in our bengali culture to keep the memories of old clothes of the family members by wearing them & being cost efficient at the same time.


Such an incident happened in a Bengali family where the couple had already a son & a daughter. They were living a happy life. But one day the wife demanded another son to her husband. He became surprised after knowing that. Then she told her that she wanted to ensure keeping memories of the clothes of her son by using them again. That’s why she needed another son so that she could put them on the new baby boy. Though her husband didn’t agree with her initially but somehow she managed to convince him later.


Such weird ideas can come in the mind of your wife anytime if you are a married man. So make sure you tackle them in intelligent ways.


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