Takeout 2.0’s Page Taken Down By Rafsan The ChotoBhai?!

We all know the controversial story behind Takeout 2.0 and Rafsan The Chotobhai, the war was raged yesterday after Iftekhar Rafsan took an initiative to make a review regarding the cringe 2.0 which is a Takeout rip off. 2.0 is partially an ugly rip off which we all know by now and their service is super poor officials who are very ill mannered as we saw in the video. Yesterday, Iftekhar Rafsan took the internet by storm with his honest review regarding the poorly managed restaurant and also revealed how they seek for 5 star review mostly by bribing with 20 tk flexiload and free burger.

People are well aware of the whole incident and mostly people are now hating on 2.0 for legit reasons which is why 2.0 is now offering free burgers for reporting Iftekhar Rafsan’s facebook and youtube account. Later, the video was taken down from Rafsan’s profile due to massive report and this proves how people are greedy for free burgers *awkward* but world is a bizarre place especially Bangladesh. 14AGAIN team is now initiating with Rafsan The Chotobhai for the war against 2.0, which side are you on? Let’s unite and put massive report regarding 2.0 and shut them down permanently, we don’t need low quality and poorly managed place to ruin the reputation of our country.

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