Rural Women In Rajshahi To Get Free Treatment From Doctor For Breast And Uterus Cancer


Breast & Uterus cancer are two of the severe diseases of women. Bangladesh is such a conservative country where women are very restricted to express their problems if they are affected by such diseases. The situation becomes miserable in case of the rural areas where the rural people are ignorant of the proper solution of these diseases. Dr. Patrick Biswas is such a man who broke all the barriers & paved the way of providing medical services to the people of northern areas of our country.


Dr. Patrick Biswas’s Initially his noble work was hampered for lack of enough fund. Gradually he started to raise fund from his friends & well wishers to continue his work to ensure medical service to the rural women who feel very shy to express their problems if they are affected by diseases like breast or uterus cancer. He started to travel in an ambulance, carried some necessary medical equipment, some female volunteers with him to find out such women who are badly in need of proper medical treatment to get cured from such fatal diseases.


In this world, where many people only look for their own interests, Dr. Patrick Biswas is an exceptional human being who is an idol for the people in our society.


Written by Goku

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