Reshad Rahman Mahin – The Sexual Assaulter Who Ruined Countless Lives

The use of social media to share explicit photos has become a fashion for most youngsters these days. Social media platforms are widely used as media to share and view indecent pictures on a global scale. While that persists, here’s what happened in Dhaka city. Although it’s not something new, there’s surely something that we can all learn from this.

A guy named Reshad Rahman Mahin, apparently who’s quite famous among his group of friends have had countless affairs with girls around the city. The story does not end here, in fact, he’s abused young girls asking for their nude pictures by being in a relationship with them. Once his purpose gets fulfilled and they would break up as a couple, the next thing he would do is blackmail the girl, asking her to get back. And as you may already be able to predict, he would bring pressure to bear on the girl that he’d spread her nude pictures all over the internet and even to her family members!

Now, that’s absurd. Here are screenshots of what the guy was actually up to.

I’ve never made a post like this because ive thankfully never had to go through anything this horrendous. But im going…

Posted by Faiza Adil on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Most of his sexual endeavours were non-consensual and, in many cases, he was seen to blackmail the girl for intercourse. While he dated girls, regardless of the fact that it’s for three months or for two years, he’d relentlessly ask for sexual favours, explicit pictures and nudity. Not only that, but he has also taped one of these activities without letting the girl know. Most of the time, he would make the girls go through the same consequences over and over again.

His exact motive was to harass young girls and force them into sexual encounters. Finally, when things did not work out or the girl refused to send nude pictures, he would simply blackmail them with suicide! He even goes on telling girls about how he would leak their nudes, spread them all over the internet, tell their parents and ruin their lives. You all get the drill in here. He threatened them simply because the girls wouldn’t listen to him. This has gone on for countless girls already.

Not to forget about the cases where he had physically abused girls in numerous ways merely because of the same reasons mentioned above.

We all know there’s a lot that can be done in this case, so let’s take the stance to protect our privacy from such online predators.

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