Over Stylish Hairstyle Is Banned In Savar To Resist The Young Generation From Downfall


If you walk on the road, look at the haircuts of young boys,  you will find many of them with different hairstyles. Some of them follow the hairstyles of various famous actors, players. But the old people find them as a sign of going astray.  They like to have them proper & disciplined haircut.


Following this, an union council of Savar did a board meeting with the local “Barbar Shop Committe” & they came to a conclusion that the barbars would no longer give any over stylish or over smart haircut to the young people which might mislead them to destruction. The guardians & the old people became very happy as according to them, it would surely motivate the young generation to be polite & gentle.


Meanwhile you can surely predict what is going on the minds of young boys after the decision of the board meeting.


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