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BUP Selects Dairy Farm As Picnic Spot For Students


BUP students are about to visit the milky way. No one knows if BUP is a a Public or Private institution. Even thousand research are going on in this matter. But the students of BUP claim that it is public. But if someone wants to die or leave earth all they need to do is go to BUP and say the student’s that it is private.


Recently it is found that BUP authority have decided to take students to a Military Dairy Farm so that students of marketing,finance and IR have some experience on their respected fields. It is truly an amazing initiative by the authorities to let the students go and have research on dairy milk.As we all know today’s generation is the future of our country. Experience gaining from such locations such as dairy farms will allow the students to move forward and have a good career in building another dairy farm and motivate their younger ones to come and visit it , as a result the cycle of milk will continue and no shortage is found.


So we are looking forward to know more about the details of the picnic. We wish all the students to have a great picnic and visit the milky way.


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