Barrister Syed Sayedul Haque Suman: The Hero We Wanted, Needed and Got


You’ve probably stumbled across one or more of this man’s live videos on Facebook. You wouldn’t be surprised to see each of this man’s videos get more than 1.5M views. One day you’d see him on a highway ranting about how there’s a electric pole in the heart of the road, leading to countless accidents. And some other day you’ll see him ranting about how there’s a huge dustbin just beside a school, causing air pollution and all together ruining the ambience of the area. And you know what’s great? Almost every request he’s made to the government was accepted. That’s how much power this man’s words hold.


Recently, he worked on a project to build 21 wooden bridges in his village, a much needed commodity for the locals. Now, the link between the villages has made it much easier for farmers to transport goods and for children to go to school.


His motive and reason behind this charity work, as stated by him, is to give back to the village, the country, the motherland, where he grew up in and is a part of. Moreover, the youth see him as a role model and inspiration, learning from the wise and strong words of this barrister-cum-hero.


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