All The Girls From Other Area Are Breaking Up With Mirpur Boys

Life in Mirpur is never been easier.If you are passing through Mirpur or going to Mirpur, you better prepare for two extra days.And don’t forget to take Saline, fresh water, paracetamol with you.So everytime a girl goes to meet his lover in Mirpur, she has to go through this phases. Nowadays, it’s going more crazier than ever.Slightly rainfall todays morning caused terrible flood in Mirpur. As things are going out of hand,Girls from other areas are breaking up with Mirpurian boys.

With this calamitous cause.They told them to choose between Mirpur and love. These things cannot be tolerated. In the other non trusted source  has found that Mirpur’s girls who have birthdays coming are asking for a boat from their boyfriend already as a birthday gift.Frustrated people in Mirpur wants justice but they don’t know where they should asks for justice and whom to blame. So they decided to go to UN for help.

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