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Money Ruined My Life


I wasn’t a bad student neither a bad son. I always tried to cooperate with my parents as much as I possibly could. Comparing it with my friends, I was never into drinking or even smoking, just for the sake of my parents.


At my late teens, my mom asked me to earn my own. I thought she was asking me to bear my own expenses, like pocket money and stuffs. I tried very hard to find a suitable tuition or start up a small business. I had an obvious expectation that my parents are surely going to bear my education expenses, at least. But I was wrong. I had no argument at home regarding anything when my mom asked me to bear my own expenses. So I possibly couldn’t even guess which expenses she meant by that.

I might not be a good student but I surely wanted to study. I had all the chances and reasons to leave my education but deep inside, I always wanted to be successful. And who doesn’t want to be successful in this generation? I could compromise my parents and please them to help me. But I didn’t. Because I knew, they had enough yet they are being selfish. I never asked them the reason why they are doing this to me because I never couldn’t find the reason where I went wrong, being a son.

An urge on me worked very hard at that times. I totally decided to start up my own to do anything and stick to my education because I had to be with my friends. I tried small businesses too, but the profit was very little and unseen. My profits were like a bucket of water and the semester fee was an ocean.


There were even times when I wanted to run away from everything. But all I could do is run away from my home. I started living in a rented room with 3 more roommates. Until one day, a roommate of mine told me about an illegal business. Which surely had a lot more profit and the risk of that business was a lot more, my life and career.
Being a middleman, for selling pills wasn’t a very tough job. And the greed of such high profit and my education forced me to get into it. Things which I never even tried, ended up being my products of the business. None of my friends even knew about, what was going in my life because I decided to never let them know about it. Time surely changes people, no doubt.
I was never a coward person even I wasn’t into drugs. The thought striked my mind, if being a middleman is so profitable why couldn’t I be a direct seller? This was my first wrong decision I took in my life. I never knew in this business, the rivals are the biggest enemies. Enemies not just for business, but enemies for life.

As I was new in the black market, the cops didn’t knew me well whereas my rivals had all the connections and had their own syndicate formed. Isn’t it obvious the less the rival the more the profit? I had enough money to pay my education expenses and bear all my major expenses. But surely less than my rivals. They showered the cops with notes to knock me down for ever. And guess what? Money never loses in these cases.

Thus it all ended up my life in a room with 12 people, sharing only one toilet and food as bad as a nightmare. Crying and mourning, but nobody is there to listen. Because a criminal is no more known as a human.


Written by Adnan Aftab

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