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5 Types Of Deshi Smokers You Never Knew Existed


Gold Leaf Switch. Benson & Hedge. Marlboro. Familiar names. No please, you don’t have to play the saint. We all know you do. You probably know them better than the back of your own hand by now. How many times have someone asked you why you smoke? And while you can blow sick smoke circles out pretty well : you suck at answering that question.

We all have our issues and our “aches”, and gulping down Sinapol is just too rookie. If you can’t blow out smoke straight in your homie’s face and give your lungs a new dark look, what are you even doing with your life?


Let’s go through some of the different types of smokers, shall we?

#1 The Veteran

He started when you still used to wet the bed. All the cool tricks are in his arsenal. He’s thrown away enough packs to build a white house with. Always got that secret stash in his backpack.

#2 The Influencer

These are the people who have bios’ that read “I aM tHE guY yOuR mOther WARNED about”. The ones who pull you towards the world of ash. Give them time and they can turn a saint into an addict.  Beware of this one; as they say “Once you go black, you never come back .

#3 The Tomboy

You know who. Never peeked into Mad Chef’s smoking zone? Dark lips, dark clothing and just another plain gothic chic.  Mostly puffing it in enclosed places with the guys with an urge to exhibit sophistication and guts. Has a lot of exes and probably fights a lot with parents.


#4 The ‘Once In A Full Moon’ guy

Always the first boy in the class. All A*’s in every result. Mama’s boy on the surface. The one all teachers gloat about to the juniors. But… one single trip or a picnic, and his alter ego will be knocking on his doors in no time. In the back of the bus, the resort rooms, the restrooms: he’s a prodigy. It comes back to him like riding a bicycle. And after that rare sight, it will be long since he goes back to action.

#5 The ‘I Have Nothing Else To Lose’ guy

He’s got a bad record of mischiefs. With eternal bloodshot eyes, he’s arguably the worst student in the school along with being the ‘Boro Bhai’ of the area he inhabits. Claims to be connected with the Mafia. There’s no one he can’t smoke in front of, given that his crimes go overlooked in everyone’s eyes even in plain sight.

Now mate, which one are you? Yeah right! Stop lying, we know you do!


Written by Hasan Mahmud Abdullah

15 year old geeky diehard GOT, HIMYM, Harry Potter and Star Wars fanatic.
Listens to Linkin Park, TOP, Eminem and Artcell all day.

Headshots noobs often in CSGO (sometimes hits the body but nvm)

Aspiring Coder.

pls i swer i am kool. okbye


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