YouTuber Tahseenation Is Launching His Own Masala Brand

Currently one of the popular Bangladeshi YouTuber is Tahseen N Rakib who is also most commonly known as Tahseenation for his comedic roasting video. Yesterday he announced on his Facebook wall that he’s launching his own masala brand. This is not something new. YouTubers like Pewdiepie, KSI even the infamous Paul brother Logan and Jake already have their own brand. But These are mostly clothing, accessories brand. What’s up with a YouTuber launching a Masala brand of his own (which is quite rare and unique at the same time)? How does even that genius idea come? So we literally sat with Tahseen N Rakib AKA Tahseenation & asked him these same question & this is what he has to say about the situation,

Fans have always been demanding something from me. So I started thinking about it. I thought countless hour even while sitting on my toilet. I have to give them something back.  I have to! Something that not only they can relate to me but also to my content. Finally, I got this crazy idea to launch a masala brand.

But when we asked him why a Masala Brand? He replied, “A good roast needs a good masala all over it. Just like a juicy roasting video needs a Masaladar drama around it. Everybody knows that I’m better at roasting as well as eating. I have much-eating experience especially on occasion like a wedding & its also a well-known fact that I know for sure which masala test better & which are not.” At this point, we weren’t sure what he’s talking about. So we move onto the next question which was when he is attempting to launch his brand?

He answered us, “Look! Elon Musk and I, we are both good friends. He’s launching his own company, SpaceX’s first mission of sending Humans to Mars in 2023 so you know I don’t want to clash the date with him. So yeah! I’ll do it the next day.” We asked him if he was rushing this since he just announced yesterday about launching his own masala brand.

He assured us by saying, “It’s okay. I got a team with me now. We have already finished peeling off the original label from masala products. Besides, I just printed out some custom made label which includes a picture of my face with my name on it so the fans could know this is authentic. Now, the only thing remaining is to attach those labels onto the masala product. I got this covered. Easy!”

We also asked him about what is the most special thing about those masala products comparing the others on the local market? He told us that he attached those label with his own saliva?!? That’s definitely a genius from Tahseen. We already know Tahseenation’s love, passion for roasting people on the internet with his quality masaladar drama & now it’s about time to test his masala in real life.

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