Wife Divorced Her Husband For Not Taking Bath

The husband takes a bath once a week. He doesn’t even shave his beard properly. For these reasons, he always smells like shit. That is why the wife decided to divorce him as soon as possible. By hearing this reason judge was astonished like hell.

Now, the wife is determined about divorce. She cannot adjust to him anymore. This occurred in Bhopal, India.

They got married last year. The husband is 25 and the wife is only 22 years old. It was running smoothly between two. According to the wife, her husband was clean and tidy enough at first. The problem arises only 6 months ago. He was reluctant to take his bath. He started to suffer from fever after shaving his beard.

By not getting any solution the wife filed a case of divorce at family court. R.N Chand, the judge advised them to be apart for 6 months. In this meantime, they both will take help from a counselor.

Sahil Avantee, the court counselor informed that the husband wants to give a chance to this marriage but the wife doesn’t want to live with him. The husband is a Sindhi and wife is a Brahman. The two families don’t have any problem regarding this relationship. Even they still want to solve all the issues between the couple. But, everything depends on the wife now.


Written by Mohsena Dewan

14AGAIN Contributor, Bangladesh

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