Weather Forecast: Foni Appeared In Form Of Mosaddek Yesterday At Dublin

Finally, some authentic words from the Bangladesh Meteorological Department. Celebrating their first successful news from the last decade. The most awaited Foni has finally shown it’s terrible form yesterday in Ireland. After getting their prediction right employees of the Meteorological Department distributed sweets among them. Meanwhile, the whole nation celebrated the first ever international trophy win.

Bangladeshi youngster Mosaddek showed his real power yesterday in Dublin. Everyone knew this guy as very decent and quiet. When he transformed into a beast it seemed a bit irrational. As soon as he started to rule the West Indian bowlers, the Meteorological Department confirmed that Foni has appeared. In the form of Mosaddek, it showed no mercy at all. By the grace of Foni AKA Mosaddek Bangladesh won the first ever tri-nation series, yet outside the country.

Bangladesh Meteorological Department showed immense proud of their prediction and forecast. As one of their employees stated, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Nevertheless, his comment was just as irrelevant as their departments’ report. This success of one of the most renowned departments has touched every Bengalis’ heart on the same day. No matter how much the factor is relevant to the incident, people won’t forget about this anytime soon.

After a lot of distraction, Foni has finally found its way. As they got weaken while attacking in Bangladesh, it regained some energy and traveled all the way to Ireland with the National Cricket Team. Foni waited for few more days and just showed its’ true color when it was needed most. After their brilliant success, the Meteorological Department hasn’t given any prediction yet. We found in the social media, Bangladeshi people are waiting eagerly to hear their voice again as this sort of storm might be needed again in the month of June-July.


Written by Kakashi

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