WASA Plans To Collect Clear Water From Mehzabin’s Endless Tears

WASA is in problem as they failed to provide Dhaka people with clear and pure water. Finding no other way out, they decided to use Mehzabin Chowdhury’s endless tears as a source of clear water that will be provided to the households.

Mehzabin can cry better than anyone else. She is more famous for her natural crying scene. Everyone believes that she cries actually while acting. We don’t need to justify whether the tears are real or by dint of glycerine. We need only clear water.  Recently, WASA water has been found unclear and dusty. So, after getting thousands of allegations, WASA decided to provide clear water. But, they didn’t get any way to do that.

Oneday, while they were watching drama on TV, they found that Mehzabin could be the source of water as she was crying every now and then. That will be great both for the people and Mehzabin as her tears are finally going to be valued!

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