Vogue Model Spotted In Gawsia While Buying Makeup

Gawsia market is very famous among the middle-class people of Dhaka. Many people, especially women go there for shopping as the price is reasonable over there. Almost every types of makeup equipment are available there.  Because of availability of nearly all cosmetics and reasonable pricing, Gawsia Market is so popular.  It is Situated in Nilkhet of Dhaka.

Recently A Vogue Model Gigi Hadid was seen in Gawsia Market bargaining with a shopkeeper over a cosmetic product. She bought a lot of things from Gawsia market. She didn’t forget to try out Nilkhet’s Lacchi. She told our staff reporter that she has come all the way from America to buy cosmetics from Gawsia market as the quality of  product is good in Gawsia market. It is a great thing for Bangladesh that models are coming to Bangladesh for buying makeup. Maybe one day Vogue will also shift their Headquarters in Bangladesh.


Written by Pithu Biswas

14AGAIN Contributor

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