Viqarunnisa Student Vomits On Her Answer Script During Exam


What to do when you have a little time left during exam and you know that you cannot complete your writing in that short period of time? Some people request for some extra time, some cry! Some even hold their answer paper tightly so that the teacher can’t take it away from them. But at the end, nothing works and either you are forced to submit the answer paper or you get expelled from the exam if you are not willing to submit the answer in time. A student of Viqarunnisa Noon School & College applied a new trick to get some extra time during her SSC exam.



Ramisa Nahin (Oishee), a SSC examinee used this hack during the SSC Exam when she couldn’t complete her writing in time. Before the Bangla 1st paper exam, Oishee knew that she would take some extra time to complete the exam as she never could finish answering any Bangla exam in time due to her slow Bangla handwriting. So, she made this plan beforehand to distract the teachers and get some time meanwhile to complete her writing.


During the exam, when she had only 5 minutes left to answer the last 10 marks, she inserted her finger inside her mouth and forcefully vomited on her answer script. The teachers thought her to be sick, offered her some water and called someone to clean her answer script so that the answer script could be made check-able for the examiner as much as possible. However, the girl meanwhile kept on writing on some extra loose papers taking advantage of the situation. It took almost about 15 minutes for the cleaner to come and clean her answer script.

And on the other hand, the girl after finishing her writing, attached the extra papers with the main answer script on the pretext of helping the cleaner to clean her script. Thus, she completed the Bangla exam first time in her life! Are you slow in writing? Always fail to complete answers due to it? Then this hack might come in great help for you to complete the most important exams in your life. Hats off to this evil mind!


Written by Panta Ilish

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