Viqarunnisa Girl Failed In SSC Exam Thinking That Failure Is The Pillar Of Marriage

Parents of Bangladeshi students are famous for their deadliest dialogue after the failure of their offsprings. Boys face the threat of pulling rickshaw and girls face the threat of being married off. A Viqarunnisa girl failed in the exam, became she believed that failure is the pillar of her early marriage. A Viqarunnisa girl, named Tuni, failed in her SSC exam. That was horrible indeed. But, she wasn’t seemed to be much worried. People were wondering what made her so happy even after failing in the SSC exam. Finally, one of her cousins revealed the hidden meaning of this unprecedented happiness.

She has been in a relationship with an NSU guy. She wanted to marry the guy as soon as possible. But, her parents don’t want to marry their daughter off so early. So, she planned to fail in the exam as she knew that Bangladeshi parents marry their daughters off when they fail to pass in the exam. She did it intentionally just to marry the NSU guy early. But, that didn’t work. Her parents came to know this master plan by virtue of her cousin. So, they decided to keep her studying as long as she passes the exam. Thus, all her efforts went in vain!

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