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Villager Claimed As A Warrior By Killing A Tiger With A Bodna


A guy named Maksud when asked about his story and where he lives  he replied that he himself is a villager of Uttara and he said in a small shallow jungle at Uttara he found a tiger while he was pooping. Later he killed the tiger and proven himself as a brave warrior.

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Maksud is a small garments worker. He lives with his family in the village named Uttara. He works hard all day and comes back to his family at night. Nobody in his family gives him a value as it is matriarchal family. So he always wanted to prove himself.

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So it was at night last day when he felt he had to poop and went to the toilet which is inside the jungle. So it was a intelligent decision of him to take his bodna with him as his protection. So suddenly a fierce tiger came while Maksud was pooping.

Maksud took the opportunity and without completing his poop he stood up and hit the tiger on its head by his bodna and immediately the tiger was relieved from it duty of this world.

We hope to see more bravely like this from the villagers of uttara and looking forward to more bravery of Mr Maksud.


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