Vasco da Gama Discovered The Sea Route From Mirpur To Farmgate

The great Portuguese explorer hits the headlines again after the discovery of seaway from Europe to India. Yesterday, Vasco da Gama discovered the seaway from Mirpur to Farmgate.Vasco da Gama is known for his epoch-making discovery of seaway from Europe to India. He did it in the 15th century. From then, Portuguese came to that Indian subcontinent. Though it was not a good sign for this subcontinent, but people had learnt many things and discovered many more ways to travel one place to another.

Mirpur is in the same condition now. People cannot move one place to another due to water. After hearing this, Vasco da Gama came to rescue the people of Mirpur once again. Yesterday, he discovered the sea route from Mirpur to Farmgate. It has lessened the sufferings of the inhabitants of Mirpur. Thanks, Vasco da Gama!

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