Uttara Teen Wants To Be Like Thomas Shelvey But Ends Up Burning His Lips During Smoking

If you are a Peaky Blinders lover, you surely know about Thomas Shelvey. Cillian Mirphy played the character of Thomas Shelvey in the TV series & earned a lot of fame regarding his acting there.

He was shown as the leader of a criminal gang in the series. He used to smoke a lot during the scenes. A teenager from Uttara named Sami was heavily influenced by him as he used to be a fan of Thomas Shelvey. So he also decided to start smoking like him. But when he started to smoke, he suddenly burnt his lips as he couldn’t maintain the tricks to inhale the smoke.

So before imitating someone,  make sure that you know the rules to imitate someone otherwise you might end up making a massacre like Sami.

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