Uttara Teen Fainted While Eating On An Unlimited Burger Offer

Ramadan is here which means Ramadan Iftar offers are also here. Every Ramadan, a lot of restaurants give unlimited burger/pizza offers including but not limited to Takeout, Cheez and Sbarro.

Riyasat Ashraf, a teen from Uttara, decided to go to one of these offers. Riyasat believes that he was born to be a competitive eater and eating 20-30 burgers should be nothing for him. And thus, he went to Takeout to try out their unlimited burger offer. Riyasat wasn’t alone, he went along with 3 other friends. Riyasat was full after only eating 3 burgers but he didn’t stop and kept on eating. After finishing his 4th burger, he fainted.

Riyasat was immediately taken to a hospital and doctors said that Riyasat fainted due to over-eating. Luckily, he’s fine now and has promised to never go on an unlimited burger/pizza offer again.

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