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Uttara Teen Arrested for Selling Abortion Pills in The Name of YaBaba


Yes, this article is about the action that is not to be spoken about, Abortion pills and Yababa. Last Thursday, on the streets of Uttara sector 13, a tall and cute rich Uttara kid, broad shoulders, brown eyes wearing a bomber jacket that says “I am a bomber jacket” was arrested for selling abortion pills in the name of Yababa. He is being charged by multiple religiously relevant groups for selling abortion pills and by Yababa consumers for providing them with fake Yababa.


When asked about what led him to this life of crime, he broke down in tears and explained the story of his life in what can be termed as a “bang-lish” language. He had a very complicated relationship with his maid. They were in love. And as a result of which, when his parents were no home, they engaged in the unspeakable act of sex. She was apparently also into the Yababa business. She taught him all the new ways she smuggles Yabab all over town.


They were happy with their secret love life, until she got pregnant. They did not want the baby because they were . . . kids themselves. So when he went to buy an abortion pill for his maid/girlfriend, he realized the only thing that’s more stigmatized in Bangladesh than Yababa is buying an abortion pill. That is when the idea hit him. He could sell abortion pills disguising them as Yababa. That way the Yababa consumers of Bangladesh would only be stigmatized for doing Yababa and can have a happy and worry-free sex life. In other words, he was doing community service.


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