Uttara Guy Eats All Mosquitoes In His Room To Regain His Lost Blood

We have all heard complaints regarding Uttara having too many mosquitoes. We know that Uttara is the countryside of Dhaka city and since it has got several lakes and paddy fields, it’s like the paradise for mosquitoes. Throughout winter, Uttara residents had faced the huge trouble of getting mosquito bites. We have come across so many reports and articles regarding how the residents in Uttara are in so much trouble merely because of mosquitoes. Well, that’s not it.

Here’s something very new happened. Zubaid, a guy who was born and bought up in Uttara has reportedly been eating every mosquito that he finds in his room. Upon hearing this, our team of new writers went over to his house to interview him and his mother regarding this matter. What we came across was astounding!

“Zubaid is just taking his revenge on all the children of the mosquitoes that bothered him throughout winter,” said his mom.

Not only that, due to mosquito bites, Zubair suffered a terrible loss of blood. His blood loss was to an extent that doctors had declared him to be under strict bed rest and on a detailed diet plan. If he wasn’t taken proper care of, he would need an external source of blood like take in blood from a blood bank! Now, he’s too young for that.

Hence, he did something unimaginable. Zubaid started eating all the mosquitoes because he thought that by doing so, he will be able to regain the blood that he has lost! Is that true? Absolutely, not!

Whatever you do guys, never follow what Zubaid did. After all, he’s just a 14 year old kid, who still has no idea about the consequences of what he had just done.

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