Uttara Girls Are Now The First Choice Of Aunties For Their Son To Get Married To

After Uttara’s recognition as the biggest village near Dhaka by ‘The monthly Star’ and  ‘The sesh Alo’ , Aunties from Dhaka are reaching out to Marriage brokers of Uttara to find  conservative, hijaabi, namaaji, nomro-vhodro, village queen girls for their sons who are constantly whining with their moms to marry off with village girls .

After contacting an aunty from Banani in this regard, she said, “ Social media activities of most Dhakaiya girls have taken away our beliefs from them. They are in the ‘relationship-breakup’ game which makes them non-marriage materials. I want my daughter-in-law to be religious and respectful, most importantly a VILLAGE GIRL. That’s why Uttara girls are my first choice as this new village is near Dhaka.Other aunties from Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Rampura and Mirpur agreed with this Banani Aunty.

A guy from Dhanmondi who is looking for a village girl to marry said,” I dated so many Dhaka girls that I haven’t had the time to keep scores. Everyday I used to date 10 to 12 girls at least.But I’m a Virgin.Now I want to settle with a village girl especially from Uttara.

While contacted, A general store owner from Uttara said, “ Our village girls are known for their conservative mentality and modesty. And every mom wants her daughter-in-law to be religious, respectful and dutiful.As a result,Everyday I see people from Dhaka coming to our village in search  of girls suitable for marriage. I’m very proud of my village and my village girls.

Meanwhile, Marriage brokerage business has boosted by 200% in Uttara. And some marriage brokers have become millionaires within months. A recent graduate from Uttara University said, “ After my graduation , I looked for jobs but could not find any. So, with the suggestion of my friend who is in this business for quite a long, I started this business Two months ago and I can arrange 10 to 15 marriages a day. Now  I am a marriage broker millionaire.And I am going take a free seminar on “How to start a marriage brokerage business” as my social responsibility.

Now more and more  Uttara boys are stepping into this business and claiming themselves to be entrepreneurs. Things even got to the next level when  some Uttara school kids set their aim in life to be a marriage broker instead of doctor or engineer.And their parents are supporting their goals and happy with their kids’ decisions.


Written by Alauddin

14AGAIN Contributor,Bangladesh

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