Uttara Girl Breaks Up With Mirpur Boy As She Can’t Come To Mirpur In Rainy Day

People in Dhaka city suffers a lot in rainy days. But if we make a list of the victims of rain, Mirpur people will surely be on top of that list. Many of them are suffering a lot for the heavy rain taking place now-a-days.

Meanwhile a mirpur boy named Sajjad faced such a pathetic situation regarding this. He had a relationship with a girl from Uttara named Anika. Sometimes he went to Uttara on date, sometimes she came to Mirpur on date. But the recent rain made Anika suffer a lot. She came to Mirpur to meet Sajjad but later she got drenched in rain, her sandal was lost in the water flowing on the road of Mirpur area. She became very angry for that. So she decided not to continue the relationship any more. That’s why she did break up with Sajjad.

Sajjad is now very much devastated. He is thinking to change his residence so that he can again bring back Anika in his life.

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