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Uttara Girl Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend For Saying “Tumi Toh Gram E Thako”


The previous week was celebrated as the valentines week when many couples were busy in celebrating the days. Anik was also busy in celebrating the days who lives in Dhanmondi. He is a varsity boy who is currently in a relationship with a girl from Uttara.


Everytime he used to go to Uttara to meet her girlfriend Mithila. In this valentines day, he told her to come to Dhanmondi to make her realize how much trouble he faces to go to Uttara. But Mithila didn’t want to cover such a long distance for a date. That made Anik angry & he said to her, “Tumi amar problem ki bujhba? Tumi toh gram e thako.” Meanwhile Mithila was thinking about the guy who lives next door and his amazingly fast & durable bike – Yamaha YZF R15 which was literally just enough to take her breath away. Not everyone gets to ride a Yamaha do they?


Such opinion from Anik made Mithila furious. She felt insulted & so she decided to do break up with him. So if you are mingle, be careful from the next time when you say anything objectionable about the area of your lover. That might ruin your relationship too.


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