Uttara Boy Claims That Uttara Looks Like New York Time Square After It Rains

It has been raining since the last few days and people in Dhaka city are overjoyed. After an exciting winter, the next thing that every person in Dhaka awaits is a “kaal boishakhi jhor”. The storm is like citizen’s prayers answered by God.

Well, one guy from Uttara got so overjoyed that he literally went on to post pictures saying that Dhaka looks like New York Times Square post rain. He also claimed that Dhaka is the best place than anywhere in the whole wide world.

  • Photo credits by Md Oli via Traffic Alert

Furthermore, comments in the posts mentioned that Dhaka looks more like Gotham City than any other cities during dusk and dawn. On the other hand, another person commented saying that they thought the picture was taken in Venice! Woah. Now, these are serious kinds of compliments.Well, we are not too sure if these guys were being sarcastic or rather serious, all we can say is that Dhaka city sure has its own beauty! We all love Dhaka.

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