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United Hospital – Cancer Patient Plugged With Shisha Instead of Life Support


Located amidst the aristocratic suburbs of Dhaka, United Hospital has garnered quite a reputation for its unprofessional attitude and colossal screw-ups. There have been frequent claims and reports of patient mistreatment, overcharging, usages of expired and unapproved medicine and to top it off, even murder.


While 14AGAIN cannot verify these claims, our sources have informed us of Mr. Abdul Hashem, 82. Mr. Abdul Hashem was undergoing treatment in the renowned hospital for a brain tumor, as the situation progressed he seemed to have been destabilizing making it essential for him to go under life support. As he was plugged into the device, he sprung up within a matter of seconds – coughing up dense white vapor that smelt of expired bubblegum. He exclaimed

If you’re going to have the audacity to serve me Shisha instead of life support, please have the decency to ask me my preference. From next time onwards, do not dare disrespect me with bubblegum – I prefer double mint!

Shocked by the news, family members expressed their desire to file a lawsuit against United Hospital but were advised not to do so by the patient. Mr. Abdul Kashem worked in Saudi Arabia as a laborer in his prime years, to him – Shisha was the indulgent result of his hard-earned income and he believed that this unification with Shisha was not an accident, but his blessed fate.


In a press release, representatives from United Hospital have emphasized

This isn’t a bad thing, United Hospital is constantly on the search for innovation in medical fields. We believe that Shisha is truly the essence of the youth & for patients in their last chapter of life, this truly plays a psychological role in rekindling their long-lost youthful spirit towards life.

Sadly, United Hospital has been filed with a lawsuit from the Bangladesh Supreme Court under Narcotics Control Act (2018) that penalizes supply and consumption of Shisha.


Written by Bhallagena

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