UNESCO Declared Cumilla As The Largest Urinal Of The World

Finally, Cumilla got their awaited recognition ! They were struggling for their long cherished recognition. UNESCO couldn’t help recognizing Cumilla as the world’s largest urinal.

Everyone has to stop Cumilla whenever they travel to a distant place. Even Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin also stop there whenever they travel from one country to another. Now, the question is, why do they stop in Cumilla? The answer is, to pee. Because, Cumilla is the largest city that has the largest urinal of the world. So, people from home and abroad happen to stop there just to pee. They think, this the best place where they can urinate without any hesitation.

People of Cumilla also kind. They arranged every facility so that people could pee in peace. They were also struggling for their recognition of this great humanitarian task. Finally, UNESCO recognised it as the world’s largest urinal. Now, people of Cumilla are celebrating it by distributing sweets.

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