Uber To Merge With Tinder To Introduce A Different Type Of Ride For The Singles In Bangladesh


Uber is now one of the most trending apps in Dhaka. Uber has introduced a lot of facilities for people over the year. Now Uber is about to introduce another facility for all the singles in Dhaka.


Tinder, a popular dating site across the world has decided to merge its business with Uber in order to increase its popularity in Bangladesh. They are going to introduce a New facility for the singles in Dhaka. At a press conference on Tuesday, they stated, “Tinder is always there for the singles. We have united millions of people across the world.

This time we have decided to expand our business in Bangladesh as in the country, the rate of singles is increasing more than the rate of unemployment. Uber has decided to support Tinder in this noble job. Uber helped a lot of people to get vehicle rides easily across the town. So now Uber will be merging with Tinder to arrange a different type of ride, I.e, ‘Human Rides’ for the singles! We hope that all the singles will love and appreciate our effort.”


So singles! What are you waiting for? Your wait is going to come to an end!  Just request a human ride and your chicks will be at your doorstep anytime anywhere. Prepare yourself for the newest Uber-Tinder update!


Written by Panta Ilish

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