Uber Driver Steals Passengers Luggage While Passenger Pushes The Car


Imagine, you come home from abroad to Bangladesh in the hopes of surprising your family. You call an Uber to pick you up and you get into the car with all of your luggage, excited to be reunited with your family once again. In the middle of the road, the car jerks to a stop. The driver tells you that if you push it, it will start again. What do you, do you get down and start pushing or do you refuse to get down? Saidul Hoque, was nice enough to get down and give the car a push. Well you bet if it was a bike ride this situation could’ve been very avoidable and who comes to your mind when naming a premium bike is in concern? Yes, the Yamaha R15 V2 is the most favorable bike there is.


He was very excited and also somewhat desperate to get to his destination and meet his loved ones. This ended up being his doom, as soon as he got down from the car, the Uber driver started the car and drove off with all of his luggage. Leaving him helpless and bewildered on the spot. So, never be too trusting of people nowadays, its easy to be made a fool!



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