Two Noakhali Boys Were Arrested For Enjoying Free AC At ‘Bashundhara City’

We all know that the country is burning with heat. Its summer time and no more winter. Most people finding it difficult to tolerate this excessive heat. Often, we are getting hospitalized due to dehydration. Moreover, to avoid temperature, village boys and girls are found to be swimming in the pond for the whole day. Besides, they are also seen having their lunch and dinner at the pool.

But an innovative technique was discovered by two Noakhali guy, ‘Habib’ and ‘Anwar’ by staying at shopping complex for the whole day to avoid heat. Because all the shopping malls have their own air conditions to keep the environment cold. For this reason Habib and Anwar came to Dhaka and started roaming in the malls. They traveled all the shopping marts within 2 weeks of their reaching to Dhaka.

Recently, they have been visiting ‘Bashundhara City’ frequently. Habib and Anwar were seen coming to this place at a stretch for 15 days at around 10 AM and they were also seen to leave at late night with the day shift guards. This invalid attitude of the two friends made the security suspicious about them. So, a team of security members was appointed to look after these guys for the whole day. Habib and Anwar was found sitting idle beside air condition and walking aimlessly. The management formed a team and called them to their office. After a long discussion, Habib and Anwar confessed that they prefer to stay at shopping complex for the excessive heat outside. The manager outburst with anger and handed them to the police.


Written by AKM Salman Haque

A creative Professional. Contributing society as a Pharmacist.

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