Two Best Friends Fight Over Another Best Friend’s Girlfriend


Sajid, Muhib and Montu were three happy best friends. They lived in the same colony and got themselves admitted into NSU together. At first they got freaked out after seeing so many beautiful girls around them. They even had crushes on their teachers. Soon, they found out they were in love with Nusrat, their classmate. They tried to impress her separately and didn’t even tell the other ones. But one day Montu changed his relationship status to ‘in a relationship with Nusrat’ and that’s when Sajid and Muhib found out the truth. they started fighting with each other and then also beat the shit out of Montu because he betrayed them. Now, they no longer talk to each other.


Written by Night Fury

Currently a student. Little bit of introvert who also loves to travel. Love to read books, watch movies and series.

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