Tourist Gets Beaten Up By A Street Chef In Sylhet After Saying That His Phuri Tasted Good

A tourist in Sylhet, who has expressed the notion to go nameless, was beaten up badly by a street chef yesterday. He claimed that the whole situation happened due to language barrier and miscommunication.

He said to our correspondent that he was with his Sylheti friend all day long and his friend was making constant remarks about the teas and lemons of Sylhet. His friend was also constanting praising about something else, saying, “Sylheti Furis are very tasty as well”.

Later that day after waving goodbye with his friend, he decided to go to the streetside restaurant beside his hotel and decided to test what is so special about Sylheti Puris by himself. So he went and ordered and told us that it was actually pretty good. Then he went to pay the chef and that’s where the trouble began.

He payed the manager and went out. While leaving the place he met another one of his friend visiting the place and asked about the restaurant’s food. He praised their snacks and said”Mama’s furi is very very tasty!” But all hell broke loose as he uttered the word furi because in Sylhet furi doesn’t refer to a snack, but to something else, Women! The chef heard it and it led him to believe that the guy was banging his daughter and things took a nasty turn.

The fight very soon turned into a mob fight as more and more people joined to vent their frustration on why a tourist would bang a Sylheti chef’s daughter. Police had to interfere and take the guy to a hospital. After confronting the chef he said that he discovered her daughter was dating secretly a boy the day before that and didn’t see the guy sitting there for a snack. That’s why he misunderstood him as his daughter’s secret lover and went to teach him a lesson.

The guy said to us that he doesn’t want to be named because he doesn’t want her girlfriend to think that he has been banging some chick in Sylhet. He also decided to leave Sylhet immediately and said that he doesn’t plan to comeback without learning the Sylheti language.


Written by Skinny Zeus

14AGAIN Contributor, Bangladesh

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