Tormund Coming To Bangladesh To Try Aarong Milk

The hit TV show Game of Thrones has taken the world with a storm ever since its release in 2011. Now currently airing its 8th and final season, it can safely be said that it indeed was a remarkable journey for the cast as well as the audience of the HBO franchise.

With such a big list of characters in the show, fans always had different favourite characters of their own liking. If you were to ask the audience of the show to name their favourite characters, it would be roughly be like this, Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, Arya Stark, Rob Stark, so on and so forth.

One name would generally not make the list, the character’s name is Tormund Giantsbane. But ever since the release of the second episode of the final season, his character has sealed a place in each of the viewer’s heart with his origin story of killing a giant when he was 10. The milk chugging beard man is now a fan favourite.

Capitalising on the favourite scene of the entire episode, the CEO Brian Tart of Aarong Bangladesh has invited Tormund to try the delicious chocolate milk made fresh in the country. He believes that the Aarong milk is better than the giant’s milk. Did Tormund actually decide to travel to our country to try Aarong Milk or did he confuse the name of Brian Tart with his crush Breanne of Tarth, only time will tell.


Written by the flying cow

14AGAIN Contributor, Bangladesh

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