Top Fan Admitted To Hospital Suffering Severe Depression After Losing The Badge

We are all fans. It could be a fan of something or someone, or even fans of certain Facebook pages, like 14AGAIN. After all, we know that these are the things we can relate to in life for which we grow a strong interest in or admiration for this particular thing.

Good enough. Recently, we all know that Facebook has started providing “top fans” badges to those followers who are constantly commenting or reacting in posts of certain pages. That’s actually a good thing. Your friends and acquaintances will be able to know what you might be a fan of.

For example, if you are being shown as a “top fan” of a certain brand, who knows you might even get a gift from that brand from your friend as a birthday.

Oh, and here’s a moment of appreciation for those of you who are “top fans” of 14AGAIN. We love your dedication towards our post.

Now, here’s what happened lately. A guy is reportedly suffering from depression after he lost his “top fan” badge from his favourite Facebook page. He was a HUGE fan of that page and he kept tagging all his friends and cousins in each and every post, regardless of the fact if it was relatable or not. In fact, he was the first guy to receive the “top fan” badge of that page.

One fine day, he did not have a WiFi connection at his house and for some reason, he didn’t want to waste his data browsing Facebook. So, he couldn’t tag his friends in posts from that page. Finally, after a few days when he was commenting on posts, to his surprise, he couldn’t find the badge after his name.

Soon after he realized that he had lost his badge and he is still suffering from depression. Has anyone of you lost your “top fan” badge? Let us know how you retrieved it back so that we can help the guy get out of depression.

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