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Tiktok Girl Caught Stealing Dresses For Her 69th Tiktok Video


Raisa Nawrin, a girl of 17 was caught stealing dresses from Bashundhara Shopping Mall on Friday, 11th January. She opened her Tiktok  account on Last November. Just within 3 months, she has gained over 5000 followers in Tiktok.


She made about 68 videos in Tiktok wearing 68 different dresses in each video and she wanted to shoot her 69th video. But alas! She didn’t have any more new dress to wear for her new video. So, she decided to go to Bashundhara Shopping Mall with an intention to steal some dresses. She has previously been seen doing Tik-Tok videos on her ex’s Yamaha bike, flexing every now and then on the R15 V2. It has also been reported that she left her previous boyfriend who had a R15 V1 and went for another guy who had a V2, since class & staying updated with the society has always mattered to her so much.

On last Friday, Nowrin stole 6 different dresses from 6 different shops. While trying to steal the 7th one, she was caught in a shop. The shopkeeper beat her with his stick. Nawrin pleaded to let her go and promised that she would never steal again. Being asked about why she did this, she said, “I didn’t have enough money to buy dress for my new Tiktok Video. My parents refused me to pay any more money. Earlier I was successful in stealing dresses from New Market. But this time luck didn’t favour me.”


THUS, the girl had to pay a heavy price while trying to shoot her 69th Tiktok Video!


Written by Panta Ilish

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