Tigers Of Sundarban Claim That Shakib Khan Belongs To Their Sundarban Community

Shakib Khan is in the headlines again! Recently, one of his interviews has gone viral. After seeing this, one of the tigers from Sundarban, claimed that Shakib Khan belongs to their community.People have seen many times that Shakib Khan is talking about Sundarban. It doesn’t matter whether he knows or not who live in Sundarban, but everytime whenever he talks about his movie, he brings the topic of Sundarban. One of his last interviews, he did his job again.

He claimed that he would still be able to make an international-standard movie, even if he is transferred to Sundarban. Moreover, once he claimed that lions also live in Sundarban. At this, the tigers of the Sundarban really became angry. Finally, they soke out. In a recent press conference, the leader of the tigers community of Sundarban claimed that, Shakib Khan is also a member of their society. Be belongs to the community of Sundarban. That’s why he talks too much about Sundarban.

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