The Flat Earth Society Is Protesting After AIUB Builds A Sphere Instead Of A Cube

Remarkable scenes were observed in Bashundhara gate as a group of young, what you normally call in Bengali, “Bekar” group of young adults were seen blocking the road for approximately 2 hours. This had caused a tailback of a traffic jam of around 3 kilometers in both directions. Pedestrians nearby were shocked to find out the reason behind this protest. AIUB had built a sphere instead of a cube/ disc.Amidst the crowd of protestors, we met someone named Box Ahmed. Box’s father( Cube Ahmed) was an advocate for the Flat Earth society in the past and decided to name his firstborn “Box”, he named his second son Flatscreen Ahmed. Box felt like it was his duty to uphold the family traditions which were left behind by his ancestors. His family’s belief system was always not like this, his great grandfather Curvescreen Ahmed used to be smart, he knew that the Earth was a globe.Later the protestors had to flee after one of the organizer’s phone’s wallpaper was seen to be a picture of the Earth being a globe, he had forgotten to change the wallpaper of his Apple iPhone XS.

They would have gotten a, as you say in Bengali, “Gono-dholai” if they stayed there any longer. The moral of this article is, as time goes by, we can only hope that the knowledge we pass down our family tree has pure value and logic behind them.


Written by the flying cow

14AGAIN Contributor, Bangladesh

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