Teen Goes To Model UN, Changes Profile Picture – Becomes Model


Model United Nations is all the craze these days in Dhaka, with teenagers from a greater demographic rushing to schools all around the country – for reasons unknown.Many have identified these reasons to be academics, awards, action but as of recent – jobs! No, this will not make you a UN ambassador but it will probably open up opportunities for you to become a Model.


We meet Aryan Hasan, 18 – a boy from Dhanmondi who has been attending MUNs for the past one year. In an exclusive interview with 14AGAIN, He said:

Look, I think the biggest mistakes MUNers do is that they think that they’re meant for something big. You’re not – the biggest thing you will ever achieve in your life is a profile picture because you for once put in the effort to shamelessly dress as fancy as you can.

He proceeded to tell us of his glory as a leading Instagram blogger, and how he credits it all to the weekends spent at picturesque school campuses.He further emphasized:


The Model in Model UN does not represent a simulation, but is representative of the collective flair we amass – similar to models.

Aryan is expected to model for Victora’s Secret by 2020, said his agent. (his mom)


Written by Bhallagena

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