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Teen Gives Up Doing YaBaba And Concentrates On This New Addiction PUBG


Yababa is a drug containing a mixture of meth and caffeine. The addiction was increasing rapidly in Bangladesh. From 2010-2017 huge amount of pills are sold and used by teenagers and caused deaths.


There is another competitor to the drug. No this is not actually a drug but it is a game which is not less addictive than a drug. It is PUBG a.k.a. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, released on March 23, 2017. This is one of the most addicting games of the decade. People are playing this game so often now that they don’t have any time left do any other work.

A “YaBaba” addict teen gave it up and started this new addiction PUBG and said to us “this game is so much fun, challenging and I love to play this game all day”.

So it seems he finds the game more addictive than the Drug. Let’s talk about the good and bad sides of the story.


  • Decreasing yababa addiction.
  • Being social by talking with others and playing the game.
  • No boredom for them to get back to the yababa addiction again.


  • This game PUBG is another addiction to worry about.
  • It is destroying the teenager’s studies.
  • They actually spending money on a game which is a waste and unnecessary.

So here is the thing, is the new addiction PUBG bring any good for the Teen?

I covered them both in the pros and cons. Nothing is perfect in this world and everything that is enjoyable and challenging is an addiction. In my opinion, Teen should rather play PUBG leaving drug addiction like ya baba but also try to maintain a routine not to play the game 24/7.


Written by Maruf Amin

I am not a professional writer but I can write pretty well I think.


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