Teen Breaks His Hip After Kneeling Down To His Crush

We all have someone we like. Some of us express their feelings and some just keep it to themselves. But no matter which kind you belong to, you really wouldn’t want to be the kind my friend Asad belonged to. I was in grade 6 that time. I had a really good friend named Asad. So, this dude was crazy for a girl named Maya. You name her once in any sentence and he’d go crazy(even if you didn’t). So yeah. You get the point. So one day, Asad and I were coming back from our tuitions. In the middle of the road, he stopped and told me to shut up. He stood still for 30 seconds and then he told me that he was hearing someone say Maya. I was already really tired and my mom was ready to kill me after I got home because of my bad results.

So I freaked out and told him to walk. He looked at me and told me to pay attention. And then I heard it! We went towards the sound. It was almost dark and we had all kinds of trees around us. However, the sound was coming from a bush. We went near it and our eyes were startled seeing what was ahead of us. We didn’t know exactly what it was but it seemed like a cat ritual. Hundreds of cats were surrounding a fire and singing something like “Meow, meow, meoowwww”. My stupid “friend” took it as Maya. All the cats looked at us and suddenly one of the cats spoke. It told us to speak about our deepest desires. We both were already amazed and in shock. But a few seconds later, we got our voice back. I was going to say a million dollars, but I forgot I had Asad by my side. Before I could say anything, he said “Maya”.

I had no words for his stupidity. The cat leader said that Asad needed to break his hip to get his crush. And guess what? He did that. He jumped off a hill. He survived all right. And he got his crush too but lost her again because of his stupidity. All the cats disappeared and were never seen again. I still think what would have happened had Asad used his brain that night or had I knocked him out before he could have said anything. Moral of the story kids: never forget to use your brain.


Written by Naveen Ahmed

14AGAIN Contributor,Canada

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